Moms on the Mountains

High Peaks trip reports for the Adirondacks of New York State.

Who Am I?

I am a wife and the mother of 3 (2 teens and a 21-year-old).  I grew up on Long Island, where, if someone told you to "take a hike" there was no elevation change involved.  We had one hill in my whole neighborhood and we rode down it on our bikes.  No one ever walked up it.  So my 1970s childhood did not involve hiking.  The only camping I did was at Girl Scout camp and the occasional trip in our family's camper van.

 I went away to college and met a guy who enjoyed the outdoors - hiking and camping.  We ended up getting married after college and during our "honeymoon phase" he suggested we go camping in the Adirondacks.  We camped at Lewey Lake in September.  I hardly slept, imagining bears ready to tear us out of our tent at any moment.  In my sleep deprived state, I agreed to hike Snowy Mountain.  He told me it would be fun.  I think I wore totally inappropriate jeans and a pair of workboots because, well, why not?  I tried not to whine too much - but not surprisingly, I had blisters!  And I was still thinking of those bears, which I was sure were now stalking us on this hike.  I will admit that reaching the summit felt great and the view of the lake was spectacular.  But I really wanted a helicopter to pluck me off the top and take me down.  It wasn't until years later that I read an article about Snowy which said, "This is not for the beginner hiker..."  Probably because it will turn the beginner hiker into a non-hiker.  Which is what happened.

Life went on, we had our kids, and mercifully that four letter word "hike" did not come up at all, UNTIL... we took the little ones camping and hubby started to get the bug again.  To his credit, he started us out with smaller mountains that we could all manage.  We hiked Sawyer, Severance, Goodnow, Castle Rock, and other mountains in the 2000-3000 foot range.  Eventually we moved on to  Chimney, Hadley, Mt. Jo and Blue Mountain, which is nearly a High Peak considering its elevation of 3,759 ft.

 As the kids got older, THEY wanted more of a challenge.  We have friends who often hiked with us and whose kids were just a bit older.  They too were ready to move on to bigger things.  And so began our High Peak adventures.